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Kempton Park Tlof Tlof VlD of 4 Men vs 1 lady causes chaos



Kempton Park Tlof Tlof

Kempton Park Tlof Tlof vide0 of 4 Men vs 1 lady causes chaos in Mzansi… Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there comes this lady in Kempton Park who is in a World of your own and most probably trying to break the internet.

Forget about the rugby World Cup or the failed Cricket World Cup for a moment think of something wild, something that’s definitely out of this world that’s the true definition of the vide0 that has gone viraI! Shot in the busy area of Kempton Park Group Tlof Tlof should be a sport on its own.


We are not sure of the names of the people involved, but it was definitely a bedr00m wrestling match among four men and one woman and from the looks of it or rather from how we see it on the vide0, She clearly was winning the match and she surely walked away with the trophy.

Zodwa Wabantu is nothing compared to this young lady, they were surely going for the world record! 3 men were in the match with the fourth one behind the camera and directing the Tlof Tlof match! Her smile showed that she was the winner and was enjoying every moment of it!

The clear quality of the vide0 will show that it was a top-quality cellphone that was used and we are sure something in the range of Samsung Galaxy S23 or the latest titanium iPhone 15 pro max… that’s just how good the vide0 was!

Without wasting more of your time w@tch the vide0 here… we will give you more on the names and more pictures of the lady involved in this Tlof Tlof session with 4 men


Kempton Park Tlof Tlof

Kempton Park Tlof Tlof


In Other News – “Nyasha I am c0mm!ng….” More on Nyasha Chabika who has a ViraI Tlof Tlof Vide0

Our neighbours Zimbabwe will match us scandal for scandal if we let them! Their tlof tlof vide0s are getting more and more scandalous!  “Nyasha I am c0mm!ng….” More on Nyasha Chabika who has a ViraI Vide0 that has rocked social media. According to social Tawananyasha Chabika popularly known as Nyasha is a singIe mother of one who used to work for KFC.


I know people from KFC will probably be looking at me funny after this but then again we can’t really delete employee history because they can s#ck and l!ck so well. Nyasha Chabika is based in Masvingo and according to sources, her father is Pastor Chabika a well-known figure in the community.

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