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Guide to 16 High-Paying Part-Time Jobs That Can Boost Your Income Pay R650/Hour or More



High-Paying Jobs

Guide to 16 HighPaying PartTime Jobs That Can Boost Your Income. Part-time jobs allow you to gain work experience while fulfilling other time commitments and life responsibilities. There is a wide variety of part-time jobs in terms of scope of work and schedule flexibility. You can find and apply for well-paying part-time jobs that work with your schedule and align with your career interests or degree specialization. In this article, we discuss what part-time jobs are and what jobs can offer R650 or more per hour.


As an employee with hourly compensation, you can earn money based on the number of hours you work. Hourly paying jobs exist in a variety of industries, including health care, customer service and construction. If you wish to boost your earning potential, then it may be beneficial to explore occupations with high hourly pay to find a role that aligns with your interests. In this article, we list 21 high hourly-paying jobs and describe the average national salaries and primary responsibilities.

11 high hourly-paying jobs

Here’s a list of 10 jobs that offer high hourly wages. For the most up-to-date information from Indeed, visit

1. Bartender

Primary duties: A bartender is a professional who prepares and serves alcoholic beverages to patrons at bars, restaurants and special events. After taking customers’ orders, bartenders mix drinks and ingredients to meet customers’ preferences, and they collect and process payments for the orders. They also maintain cleanliness in the bar, restock items and verify the legal age of patrons who request drinks.

2. Customer service representative

Primary duties: A customer service representative is a professional who speaks and acts on behalf of a company to meet the needs of customers. Working inside retail stores or call centers, customer service representatives communicate information about products or services, answer customers’ questions and resolve conflicts. They also distribute surveys that rate satisfaction with the company and the likelihood that customers return to the store or recommend the brand.

3. Interior designer

Primary duties: An interior designer conceptualizes the appearance of the inside of a building structure, such as a house or office. Using blueprints and knowledge of building codes, the interior designer recommends furniture and decorations to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the rooms. They also suggest colors and lighting tools to achieve the client’s vision without exceeding the budget.

4. Medical assistant

Primary duties: A medical assistant is an administrative professional who contributes to the successful operations of a hospital or physician’s office. Working closely with members of clinical teams, such as doctors and nurses, medical assistants process patients’ health insurance information and schedule upcoming appointments. They also conduct procedures, such as taking patients’ blood pressure and temperature, and they collect information about the patients’ medical histories.

5. Construction laborer

Primary duties: A construction laborer is a professional who contributes to the assembly of structures, such as houses, office buildings and bridges. To uphold safety regulations on construction sites, the laborer performs maintenance on heavy machinery and wears protective gear when using building tools, including saws and drills. They collect measurements of the site to determine how much materials they need, and they adhere to the coordinates on the structure’s blueprint when applying the building materials.

6. Wedding planner

Primary duties: A wedding planner is a special events specialist who coordinates and executes wedding ceremonies and receptions. Working closely with the engaged clients, the wedding planner outlines an agenda for the wedding that satisfies the clients’ vision and fits their budget. They recommend vendors, such as photographers and videographers, florists and caterers, and confirm reservations at the venues. On the day of the event, the wedding planner ensures the wedding and reception adhere to the agenda.

7. Phlebotomist

Primary duties: A phlebotomist is a health care professional who collects blood samples for patients to test for medical conditions. Working at a hospital or urgent care clinic, a phlebotomist communicates the steps of the procedure to the patient, inserts a needle into the patient’s vein to administer blood and stores the sample in a vial. After completing the procedure, the phlebotomist disinfects equipment and documents the procedure.

8. Commercial pilot

Primary duties: A commercial pilot controls an airplane that transports passengers and cargo from one destination to the next. Working for commercial airlines, pilots perform safety inspections on the aircrafts before takeoff, and they evaluate the weather to ensure it’s safe for flying. They also make announcements throughout the flight, including when the airplane takes off and when it lands at its location.

9. Financial advisor

Primary duties: A financial advisor is a professional who educates clients about saving and investing their money. Working at banks and insurance companies, financial advisors establish financial goals for their clients and recommend products and services, such as retirement plans and life insurance policies, that can build and protect net worth. Advisors also research trends in the financial markets to analyze risks with the monetary actions their clients take.

10. Dental hygienist

Primary duties: A dental hygienist is a health care professional who performs professional cleaning of a patient’s teeth and gums. Working at a dentist’s office, the dental hygienist uses a scaler to remove plaque and tartar from the patient’s mouth and reduce the appearance of stains on the surface of the teeth. They also perform fluoride treatments to protect the patient’s teeth. At the end of the appointments, the dental hygienist recommends oral care products and demonstrates proper brushing and flossing.

11. Tattoo artist

Primary duties: A tattoo artist is a professional who designs and applies tattoos. Working in tattoo shops or parlors, the tattoo artists use needles to scrawl words or create images in permanent ink on their clients’ skin. They prioritize a clean and safe work environment by disinfecting equipment between appointments. Once they apply the tattoos, the artists explain to clients how to wash the area where the tattoos are to maintain the integrity of the designs.

10 additional high hourly-paying jobs

Here’s a list of other jobs that may offer high hourly wages you can consider:

  1. Restaurant cook:

  2. Home health aide:

  3. Groundskeeper:

  4. Administrative assistant:

  5. Delivery driver:

  6. Copywriter:

  7. Makeup artist:

  8. Physical therapist assistant:

  9. Speech language pathologist:

  10. Massage therapist:

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