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12 High Paying USA for Hospitalist Jobs (Including Salaries)



12 High Paying USA for Hospitalist Jobs (Including Salaries)

A hospitalist is a medical professional who specializes in treating hospitalized patients in long and short-term care. Due to demand and other factors, there are some states that pay wages much higher than other areas for this career. Learning where a hospitalist can earn the most may influence where you work and live. In this article, we share a list of high-paying states with hospitalist jobs and discuss each location.

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician who practices general medicine. They focus on hospitalized patients and treat various conditions. Some hospitalist may specialize in fields, such as oncology or neurology. While they treat patients, hospitalist also implement techniques and surveys to help improve patient care. Increasing the amount of time they can spend with each patient and improving the environment can help achieve more positive outcomes for patients. Common job duties also include:

  • Assessing patients and speaking to them about how they feel

  • Educating patients and their family about the patient’s condition and treatment

  • Consulting with the patient’s primary physician to determine the best treatment

  • Ordering diagnostic tests, such as blood work and x-rays to provide a diagnosis to the patient

  • Prescribing and administering medication

Factors to consider for high paying hospitalist jobs

There are several factors to consider when determining where and why hospitalists may earn higher salaries. This is a healthcare profession that sometimes requires and doctorate degree and therefore offers higher wages to employees with more education and experience. There is also a high demand for healthcare professionals, especially in areas with a higher population density.

It’s useful to consider the benefits package employees offer in addition to wages and account for factors in your personal life that may depend on where you live. For example, you may consider your hobbies and if you can perform them if you move to a state to earn higher pay.

12 high paying states for hospitalist jobs

Here’s a list of 12 states that pay wages above $100k to professionals in hospitalist roles, with research according to Indeed salaries. Salary information is according to Indeed salaries, for the most accurate salaries, click on the links below:

1. Washington

Seattle, Washington is one of the highest paying cities for hospitalists, where they can earn an average salary of $180,052 per year. The United States Census Bureau reports approximately 7.7 million people currently live in Washington and is growing. This may increase the demand for healthcare professionals and encourage employers to offer higher paying positions. Indeed reports that hospitalists who work in Seattle, Washington earn an average salary that exceeds the national average by 564%.

2. Kansas

The national average salary for hospitalist in Kansas is $263,528 per year. In Dodge City, Kansas they pay $373,584 per year, which is one of the highest salary reports for this role. This is 38% higher than the national average. The Kansas Department of Labor expects a 7% growth in employment for hospital jobs such as this in the next ten years.

3. Idaho

Hospitalist working in Boise, Idaho can earn $95,080 per year. This is well above the national average salary and may encourage healthcare professionals to relocate. This state also offers scenic views and mountain ranges to enjoy outside of work. Most employers offer relocation benefits and loan assistance among other financial benefits such as health insurance.

4. Kentucky

In Hopkinsville, Kentucky hospitalist earn an average of $396,014 per year. Other high-paying cities in Kentucky are Madisonville and Paducah. Factors such as an aging population and large healthcare companies enable Kentucky to offer wages 23% above the national average.

5. North Dakota

North Dakota is a great place to live if you’re pursuing a career as a hospitalist. The state average is 37% above the national average and in cities such as Bismarck and Fargo, you can earn over $200k. As the population grows, there is a higher demand for healthcare professionals, so employers are able to offer more competitive wages.

6. California

California has a large population of 39.5 million people, according to the U.S Census. This could mean that healthcare jobs are in high demand. In San Francisco, a hospitalist can earn $316,102 per year. Other popular California cities, including Las Angeles, Santa Rose, Fresno and San Jose pay salaries of 200K or more.

7. Virginia

Richmond, Virginia, pays hospitalist $269,444 per year. The population density is higher in the state capital and therefore the need for healthcare services may be higher. Virginia offers an average salary that is 9% above the national average. The state offers scenic views, access to the Atlantic ocean and has many historical sites to visit. Many employers offer benefits such as relocation assistance, student loan assistance and health insurance.

8. Wyoming

The state of Wyoming offers an average salary that is 39% above the national average. In Cheyenne, Wyoming, hospitalists earn an average salary of $251,639 per year. If you relocate to this state, employers offer relocation assistance, flexible scheduling and health insurance.

9. Arizona

Arizona is a southern desert state that offers hospitalists wages that are 38% above the national average. Cities, where you may earn the most, include Mesa, Arizona, Central, Arizona and Lake Havasu City, Arizona. These locations have larger populations and require more healthcare professionals to care for people. Most employers offer hospitalist relocation and loan assistance as well as common benefits such as malpractice insurance, health insurance and vision insurance.

10. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania also offers competitive wages that are above the national average by 1217%. The average salary for hospitalists in Pennsylvania is $356,935 per year. The highest-paying cities in Pennsylvania for hospitalists include Scranton, Philadelphia, Bethlehem, Sayre, West Reading, Pittsburgh and Uniontown.

11. Texas

Texas pays the same as the national average but in cities such as Austin, Tyler and Sugar Land, Texas, hospitalist may ear 200k or more. The average salary in Austin, Texas for hospitalists is $271,993 per year. The U.S Census report 28.9 million people living in Texas which makes it one state with the highest population density.

12. Georgia

Georgia is another high-paying state for hospitalist. On average professionals in this career earn 17% above the national average for hospitalist. In Marietta, Georgia, hospitalist can earn an average salary of $376,340 per year. Georgia is a popular state for tourism, the film industry and agriculture which all affect the population as well. States with higher population density often have a high demand for healthcare services and can pay employees more for work.




12 High Paying USA for Hospitalist Jobs (Including Salaries)

12 High Paying USA for Hospitalist Jobs (Including Salaries)

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