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Part-Time Summer Jobs

Part-time summer jobs are a great way to make extra income and are available in several industries depending on your interests, skill sets and availability. In this article, we review 40 great part-time summer job opportunities to consider with job descriptions and salaries to help you find one that meets your needs..

Part-time jobs to work in the summer

Here are 40 ideas for part-time summer jobs. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the national average salary link for each job title below.

1. Camp counselor

Primary duties: Camp counselors direct, lead and instruct groups of children in summer camps, which can include both overnight camps and day camps. Counselors generally manage groups of children of different ages and engage them in outdoor activities, crafts, sports and other stimulating activities that support socialization, creative learning and boosting confidence. Some camps focus on specific areas, such as education, art or sports, while others are for children with disabilities or special needs.

2. Attendant

Primary duties: Attendants are found at most attractions like movie theaters, amusement parks, skating rinks, sports parks and parking lots. They usually greet customers and take tickets to enter the facility. As an attendant, you may also perform duties at the concession stand, such as taking and fulfilling orders, running the register and working in the box office.

3. Barista

Primary duties: Baristas take customer orders, prepare coffee and tea beverages and perform transactions for cafes and coffee shops. Strong customer service skills and attention to detail are necessary for this role, and there may be both full-time and part-time options during the summer. Often, tips can add to your hourly pay.

4. Bartender

Primary duties: Bartenders serve customers in restaurants, pubs, bars or nightclubs. They may also fulfill food orders, but unlike servers, bartenders work strictly behind the bar serving alcoholic beverages. To be eligible, you’ll need to meet your state’s age requirement which is often 18 and complete licensing requirements for mixing, handling and serving alcohol. You may work at a business, work for a catering service for bartending for private parties. Because schedules for this job can vary, bartending can be an exciting part-time summer job.

5. Housekeeper

Primary duties: Housekeepers may work for a company, like a hotel or cleaning service or for private clients. Hotel housekeepers are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of hotel rooms before, during and after a guest’s stay. If you clean homes for residents, you may be asked to take on additional duties like washing laundry, running errands or prepping meals.

6. Cashier

Primary duties: Cashiers perform transactions with customers, handle and count money and balance cash drawers at the end of their shifts. This job requires mathematical skills and exceptional customer service, as cashiers interact with customers constantly.

7. Lifeguard

Primary duties: Lifeguards monitor and assist in emergencies at community pools, private club pools, beaches and water parks. Lifeguards are trained in CPR and first aid and are usually required to have a lifeguard’s certification, which typically takes only a few weeks to obtain. Similar to swim instructors, lifeguards generally work during the summer season.

8. Server

Primary duties: Food and restaurant servers interact with customers taking orders, serving food and beverages and promoting their restaurants’ brand by building relationships and rapport with diners. Servers rely on strong customer service, attention to detail, communication and physical stamina as they’re on their feet most of their shift. Fast-food restaurants typically pay less and may not allow tipping.

9. Retail sales associate

Primary duties: Retail sales associates work anywhere items are for sale, including retail and department stores. Duties include assisting customers, answering their questions and performing sales transactions. Working in retail requires strong customer service and communication skills, organizational skills and the ability to perform register functions.

10. Pet sitter

Primary duties: Pet sitters usually work for customers who need someone to care for their pets while they travel or are away from home. As a pet sitter, you may stay in the client’s home to care for the pet or work a daily schedule between different homes. Your duties may include walking, feeding, bathing and ensuring the health and safety of the pet. If you are an animal lover, this is a great part-time summer job.

11. Stocker

Primary duties: Stockers work in grocery, department, retail and other stores in the warehouse and storefront to unload, unpack and stock inventory on the store shelves. This job requires excellent attention to detail when dealing with large volumes of inventory along with physical stamina for lifting and handling heavy items. You may be asked to work late or early hours depending on when deliveries arrive.


12. Receptionist

Primary duties: Receptionists are responsible for keeping the front office area of a business organized and streamlined and will greet visitors, answer calls and maintain the front office processes of the business. Receptionists rely on strong communication, problem-solving skills and are efficient at scheduling, booking appointments and relaying information. A part-time summer job may be available to fill in gaps as full-time employees take time off.

13. Landscape technician

Primary duties: Landscape technicians typically clean up and maintain their clients’ yards and lawns and may integrate gardening in their work as well. Landscapers mow grass, clip hedges, remove weeds and debris and trim landscaped plants. They often work for private businesses, government agencies or own their business.

14. Delivery driver

Primary duties: Delivery drivers work in several industries, including food services, supplier services and mail and parcel services. Delivery drivers are responsible for loading and unloading their vehicles and delivering goods and packages to shipping recipients. Attention to detail, time management and a clean driving record are typical requirements for this job. There may be age and insurance requirements for drivers.

15. Pet groomer

Primary duties: Pet groomers may work for private companies, publicly funded veterinary offices or as independent contractors. A pet groomer’s general responsibilities include handling, bathing, clipping and maintaining customers’ pets’ hygiene. Pet grooming isn’t necessarily only a seasonal job, but it can be a great summertime work option if you’re looking for part-time hours. Learning grooming techniques takes training, so you may want to also consider being a dog walker or pet sitter. Another part-time option is caring for animals at a local shelter.

16. Tour guide

Primary duties: Depending on where you live, working as a tour guide in summer can be another great part-time option. Tour guides show visitors around the area and provide background and historical information about landmarks, buildings and events that occurred throughout their city. Tour guides usually work with government and public agencies, such as with museums, chambers of commerce or other entities that provide visitors with local information.

17. Swim instructor

Primary duties: Swimming instructors teach individuals and groups how to swim. Swim instructors can work in a private setting—at their own or the client’s pool—or from a public or membership-based pool, like a city park or country club. Since most areas operate community pools during the warm seasons, working as a swim instructor can be an excellent part-time summer option. Some training and certification, especially CPR, may be required.

18. Nanny

Primary duties: Nannies are private child care providers that care for children either in their clients’ homes or their own homes. Typically, nannies care for infants and young children but will also provide before and after school care and summer care to students. Nannies are generally responsible for preparing meals and snacks, providing basic care and engaging children in productive and educational activities. In the summer, they may be expected to work a full day while the parents are at work.

19. Freelance writer

Primary duties: Freelance writers are independent contractors who write content for a variety of purposes. As a freelance writer, you might work with individual clients to produce marketing materials, contract with companies to update content or publish as an independent author.

20. Tutor

Primary duties: Tutors work with students from all different grade levels and backgrounds. This requires knowledge and expertise in the subject matter and an understanding of how to use the curriculum to teach. Tutoring typically takes place after school hours and during time off from school, making this an ideal part-time summer job. You may be asked to help a student catch up on past work, learn more about a specific subject or help prepare them for the upcoming year.

20 more part-time jobs

There are several jobs you can do on a part-time basis during the summer. Start with something you enjoy doing and research ways to do it as a part-time summer job. Here are 20 more part-time summer jobs to get you started:

  1. Paid internships

  2. Sports instructor for private lessons

  3. Library assistant and storytime reader

  4. Mobile car washer/detailer

  5. Website designer

  6. Home organizer

  7. On-demand driver

  8. Window washer

  9. Research assistant

  10. Social media assistant

  11. Photographer

  12. Maintenance worker

  13. Virtual instructor

  14. Business or home painter

  15. Data assistant

  16. Summer theatre production assistant

  17. Line cook

  18. Assistant teacher

  19. Construction worker

  20. Swimming pool cleaner



Part-Time Summer Jobs

Part-Time Summer Jobs

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