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‘Arrest Grootman’ echoes across socials amid Gcinile TL0F TL0F Ieak



Calls to arrest Themba Selahle, known as Grootman, flood social media after he allegedly Ieaked a Tl0f tl0f  VlD of his ex-girlfriend, Gcinile Twala.
The scandal surrounding Themba Selahle, better known as Grootman, has reached new heights as social media explodes with calls for his arrest following the alleged leak of ex-girlfriend Gcinile Twala’s Tl0f tl0f  VlD.
Users are accusing Grootman of Ieaking the Tl0f tl0f  VlD, with many expressing 0utrage and demanding justice for Gcinile. The sentiment 0nline is overwhelmingly against Grootman, with people highlighting his history of t0xic behaviour and abus!ve tendencies.

Grootman vs Gcinile: Influencer told to return engagement ring, to pack up and go


Mzansi has reacted with shock after the extravagant ‘it couple’ of Grootman and Gcinile publicly ended their relationship, with the Instagram influencer told to pack up and leave, and also to return her blingy engagement ring.

Themba Selahle, who is known as Grootman on social media, has reportedly told Gcinile Twala to return all the gifts he ever bought her while they were together as a couple, including a diamond encrusted wedding ring.

Their relationship has captured the imaginations of young South Africans on social media because of their extravagant lives they publicly lived. The two were always seen wearing designer brands, partook in luxury local vacations, shopping and buying expensive cars.

But who are they?

Gcinile is a social media influencer and make-up artist who also has her own make-up business called Glammed By Gciniletee.

Grootman is widely known on social media as a for3x trader and Instagram influencer, who also has a reputation for being an alleged sc@mmer.

In July 2022, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) cauti0ned people from doing any financial services businesses with him and said he was not registered with the financial services regulator.

They said at the time: “The FSCA warns the public to be cautious when doing any financial services business with Themba Selahle also known on social media as @xo_grootman.

“Mr. Selahle allegedly offers to trade in forex on behalf of members of the public. He promises high and unreasonable returns to clients and is alleged to ignore them when they attempt to withdraw their funds or their profits,” the institution said.

The former couple have a one-year-old daughter.

The couple’s matching tattoos

Gcinile had everyone talking when she went and got a chest area tattoo with her former partner’s name around January 2022. The tattoo at the time had people in shock and asking questions such as why would she permanently tattoo the name of a man who she was not married to.

News of them breaking up and getting back together always managed to keep people interested in their relationship, however this time it appears to be for good because Gcinile has gone to the extreme of even covering up her tattoo. She covered the tattoo two months ago.

Just as people shared how proud they were of Gcinile for leaving the tumultuous relationship and covering up the name she had tattooed on her chest area, she posted screenshots where she was being told by Grootman to pack up everything that he bought for her and that he would have the items collected.

People on X reacted to the screenshots and accused Grootman of not being able to handle seeing Gcinile happy without him.

This comes after Gcinile has been posting pictures of herself seemingly at peace and enjoying her own company.





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