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DJ Tira and the Qwabe Twins finally admitted something about their relationship.



DJ Tira and the Qwabe Twins finally admitted something about their relationship.

DJ Tira and the Qwabe Twins finally admitted something about their relationship. After the Reed Dance Drama, DJ Tira and the Qwabe Twins discussed their relationship. Viggy and Virginia, the Qwabe Twins, made headlines when they revealed that they had been married since the age of two. This caused confusion as it conflicted with their participation in the Reed Dance ceremony, and people in South Africa were convinced that something was not right.


To make matters worse, the twins have made it clear that they will not be touched. Mzansi attempted to connect the dots about their claims amid the chaos. We can all agree that social media can be harsh at times.


Several pictures of the twins getting cosy with DJ Tira flooded social media, leaving many questioning if they were even being honest enough about being virgins.

Mzansi, on the other hand, claims that DJ Tira is in a relationship with the twins. We can all agree that this has been going around on social media for a while. Former Idols South Africa contestants are celibate.

Their Reeds dance participation appears to have put everything to rest. In the aftermath of the shocking allegations that have tarnished DJ Tira’s career, he has addressed the shocking allegations. In order to refute the claims.


“There are many painful things said by people on social media, one can’t conform to them. What you can do is live your life in a way that is better for you.”

The Qwabe Twins also refuted the assertions. They went to the Reed Dance at the palace in Nyokeni KwaNongoma to make it plain, but they also spoke to the media.

Speaking on the sidelines with Isolezwe, the bubbly twins revealed that although they always attend the Reed Festival, this year was particular because they wanted to clear their names.

“Nothing hurt us more than the rumours that we are sleeping with our father, DJ Tira, and we are pregnant. It was painful because we could not oppose people because it was their opinion.”

The gifted Qwabe twins established themselves in the entertainment sector despite a contentious exit from Idols SA. The Twins’ impressive performances both during and after their leaving stunned Mzansi. Since then, they have been in the news frequently. The pair became well-known after signing a deal with Dj Tira.

They haven’t been in the music business long, yet they have already ascended to the top. The twins controversially left the singing competition and then collaborated with DJ Tira to make the hit song Hamba.

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