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Senzo’s daughter pens a very touching message to her late father.



Senzo’s daughter pens a very touching message to her late father.

In recognition of this momentous occasion, Ayabonga Meyiwa went to her official Instagram account and posted a picture of his late father during his playing days with the South African national team, where he had previously held the position of captain. In addition to that, the young man made the decision to write a heartfelt letter to his father, who had passed away.


Now, several of Ayabonga’s admirers and followers have gone to the comment area, where they have offered their congratulations and, more importantly, their condolences to her in light of the fact that her late father is celebrating his birthday in paradise.

Senzo Meyiwa’s daughter pens message to her daddy

It has been 9 years since the burial of Senzo Meyiwa, who played goalkeeper for the Pirates and captained Bafana Bafana.

His kid with his wife, Mandisa Mkhize, bears a striking resemblance to her father, and she is one adorable little girl.


The mother and daughter duo gave off the impression that they were inseparable, and Mandisa’s Instagram is full of pictures of the two of them spending time together.

On the third anniversary of the loss of the soccer great, Mandisa resorted to social media and shared some heartwarming photographs of their daughter giving her father a card and blowing him kisses.


Kelly Khumalo, her mother Ntombi, and her sister Zandi were all present when the goalkeeper was murdered in October 2014 in what was described as a botched robbery in Vosloorus, east of Johannesburg. Also present were Meyiwa’s friends Mthokozisi Twala and Tumelo Madlala, as well as Zandi’s boyfriend Longwe Twala. The incident took place in the presence of Kelly Khumalo.

Nomalanga, Meyiwa’s sister, said the following with TimesLIVE: “At this point, the only thing we want is to get closure as a family and put an end to this chapter for Senzo.” Now, all we want to do is live our lives without restrictions.

Meyiwa’s sister is quoted as saying the following in the Netflix documentary about the murder, which has increased the attention of South Africans in the trial: “There is a lot of material that was exposed in the documentary we also didn’t know about.

“We are hoping that as the trial continues, we will find out what exactly happened because it [the documentary] has given us a lot to think about,” the lawyers said. “The documentary has given us a lot to think about.”

IN OTHER NEWS : South Africa’s consumer food inflation should continue to slow regardless of the renewed global risks

While there are renewed risks in global agriculture, such as India’s ban on rice exports and the termination of the Black Sea Grain Initiative that facilitated grains and oilseeds exports from Ukraine, South Africa’s consumer food inflation should continue to slow during this second half of the year.

One of the key data releases this past week in South Africa was the inflation figures for June 2023, which continued to show a moderating picture. South Africa’s consumer price inflation was 5.4% in June 2023, down from 6.3% in May 2023.

If we zoom into food – one of the categories of the inflation basket which underpinned the increases we observed over the past month – its trend is also encouraging. For example, South Africa’s consumer food inflation slowed in June 2023, recorded at 11.1% from 12.0% in the previous month.

The product prices underpinning this deceleration are mainly bread and cereals, meat, fish, milk, eggs and cheese, as well as oils and fats.

While there are renewed risks in global agriculture, such as India’s ban on rice exports and the termination of the Black Sea Grain Deal Initiative that facilitated grains and oilseeds exports, I am still optimistic that South Africa’s consumer food inflation will continue to slow during this second half of the year.

The products that could underpin the slowing food inflation trend will be similar to those in June. Notably, red meat prices, which have softened at the farm level, should continue on this trend at the retail level in the coming months.

Fruit prices, although no longer in deflation, should remain affordable because of improved domestic supplies. The decline in “oils and fats” products is in line with a softening price trend we are seeing in the global environment, as South Africa still imports its palm oil usage. For example, in June 2023, the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation’s vegetable oil price index was at 117 points, down 22% year-on-year.

Bread and cereals risks

Admittedly, there are renewed risks on “bread and cereals” product prices. With South Africa importing a million tonnes of rice and similarly exposed to wheat imports, the disruption in trade of these commodities and the length of it could have implications on global prices and, ultimately, South Africa’s bread and cereals component of the food inflation basket.



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