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Tytan Nkomo is not perfect: Olinda



Tytan Nkomo is not perfect: Olinda

AFTER setting social media ablaze by posting a birthday message for her ex-husband Stunner, Olinda Chapel implied that all is not rosy in her marriage with Tytan.

Chapel posted a flirty happy birthday message on Stunner’s birthday that left many social media users condemning her actions considering that she is married to Tytan, Stunner’s ‘friend’.


Responding to critics in a video on Instagram, Chapel said she had planned with Stunner to post the message in a bid to create  drama.

“We are friends with Stunner. Desmond is my ex-husband and he is more like a relative of mine and I am not the type to hate my ex-husband, we had actually planned to post that on his birthday and now I am being labelled a drama queen,“ she said.

Chapel went on to imply that her husband Tytan is troublesome and she has been keeping quiet to protect him.


“Tytan has his issues and Stunner is the one who was defending him, just because we have rings and in marriage doesn’t mean all is well, the public don’t know the dynamics at home,” she said.

“All I did was wish someone (Stunner) a happy birthday and Tytan is not a saint, just because I keep quiet doesn’t mean that Tytan is perfect, the day I decide to open my mouth about what Tytan does then you will know who he really is,”

As for keeping tabs with Stunner, Olinda said… “I will not block Stunner because I do not have feelings for him. You only block someone you still have feelings for.”

One thing was for sure: the two stars had always remained in contact and maintained a professional relationship.

Shockingly, Olinda and Tytan are approaching a divorce following Tytan’s alleged infidelity issues.

Since then, Olinda and Stunner were spotted clubbing together, dancing intimately, and fans loved it.

Responding to a fan on social media, Stunner said there is nothing wrong with reconciling with someone he was married to before.

“It is not gossip, getting together with your ex-wife is a good thing. We encourage that as a nation.”


An audio leaked where Olinda was on a call about what happened between her and Tytan.

She said she saw chats on Tytan’s Instagram suggesting he was in a relationship with another man.

This angered Olinda Chapel, who had no option but to get back with her ex-Stunner.


In the viral video, Stunner and Olinda shared controversial intimate times.

They danced together so closely that many fans concluded they were back, and it seemed Olinda confirmed it.

Stunner also did an Instagram live while clubbing with Olinda, which went viral.


Tytan Nkomo is not perfect: Olinda

Tytan Nkomo is not perfect: Olinda

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