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SOMIZI Mhlongo’s daughter, Bahumi Mhlongo opens up about chonic condition



SOMIZI Mhlongo's daughter, Bahumi Mhlongo

SOMIZI Mhlongo’s daughter, Bahumi Mhlongo is learning how to love herself. The 28-year-old actress has shared how her chonic condition



5 Facts About Somizi’s Daughter Bahumi Madisakwane And How much time left for her


These days, we’re seeing a ton of celebrity children following in their very famous parents’ footsteps. Bahumi Madisakwane, who is the daughter of famous parents Somizi Mhlongo and Palesa Madisakwane. is also pushing herself to the limits to make her mark.


Here are five facts you should know about the gorgeous Bahumi Madisakwane:

1.She was a semi-finalist in an international TV channel talent search.

2. Bahumi describes herself as: a lover of life, a lover of people and all things entertainment.

3. She is BCom Law student at Varsity Colleg.

4. Her father bought her a red chevrolet in January for her 21st Birthday.

5. Bahumi stars in her dad’s reality show “Living The Dream With Somizi”.


He is flamboyant, loud and charismatic, it’s definitely hard not to know him. Besides, his one of South Africa’s most loved entertainers, you would obviously have heard of him by now. His name is Somizi Mhlongo, more popularly known in the entertainment circles as Somgaga.


However, in sharp contrast to Somizi’s loud personality, his daughter, Bahumi Madisakwane, on the other hand,  is a bit more reserved and lives a private life away from the prying eyes of the public. This is regardless of the fact that she is a successful actor as well.

For some people who did not know that the openly gay television personality has a daughter, it might be all a little confusing. Let me explain. Bahumi is the daughter of Somizi Mhlongo and his ex-lover, veteran actor Palesa Madisakwane. The two had their daughter way before Somizi got out of the closet.

Although most do not know much about Somizi’s gorgeous daughter, the 22-year-old is already a well-accomplished actress. She has already landed some major roles in some local films. Bahumi plays Zola in local action-packed telenovela which airs on SABC, Keeping Score, ring a bell?

She also features in her father’s reality show called Living the Dream with Somizi. But, oh okay, that doesn’t count for any of her achievements.


Some might attribute her flourishing career to her father’s success, but she comes from a family of actors, so it’s best to say it’s in her genes. Both her grandparents from her mother and father’s side were all successful actors and entertainers, so its no surprise she is making the best out of herself in the industry. She has already shared the stage with the likes of seasoned actresses Sonia Mbele and Saint Seseli.


She has been described by many as humble and a hard-worker who does not try to exploit her proximity to her father to cut corners. As one critic clearly stated, ‘She is down to earth, she lives a humble life, if you take a look at her you won’t believe that her parents are monied celebrities.’


Bahumi grew up with her mother but although her parents are separated, Somizi has always been part of her life. Speaking in an interview with a local publication, Bahumi, who is currently a second-year BCom Law student at Varsity College, said:

‘I’m not following in their footsteps as many would want to believe, but I can’t deny that they were influential,” said Bahumi.

Bahumi is also into fashion design and runs a fashion website and also advocates for young girls to realize their dreams.



SOMIZI Mhlongo's daughter, Bahumi Mhlongo

SOMIZI Mhlongo’s daughter, Bahumi Mhlongo

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