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How To Become a Catering Assistant (Plus Important Skills)



How To Become a Catering Assistant (Plus Important Skills)

If you’re interested in working in the food service industry, you may consider a position as a catering assistant. This position involves working with a team of catering professionals to serve customers and achieve other common goals. Learning how to become a catering assistant may help you when exploring the position and finding a job.

In this article, we discuss what a catering assistant is, describe how to become one, list their common skills and provide information on their average yearly salary.

What is a catering assistant?

A catering assistant is an individual who aids in the planning and preparation of an event or party. A catering assistant coordinates tasks such as ordering food and drinks, preparing tables and maintaining the aesthetics of the setting. These professionals often have other duties, such as serving guests, providing information about the food, beverages and location of restrooms, maintaining event cleanliness and responding to guest questions or comments. The catering assistant works closely with a team of professionals who plan the event or party. These individuals include the catering manager, head server, servers and bussers.

How to become a catering assistant

Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to become a catering assistant:

1. Decide what kind of catering services you want to offer or provide

There are many types of catering services businesses often provide. This includes full service, setup and take-down service, bistro services, or bar and kiosk service. Some businesses hire catering specialists to provide these services, while others hire catering assistants to perform these duties. Deciding which types of catering services you want to provide can help guide the rest of your career development process related to this profession. For example, you may decide to specialize in full-service bar catering service and seek positions that allow you to practice this specialty.


2. Develop food service and catering experience

Next, you may want to develop your food service and catering experience by working at a restaurant or some other type of food-service establishment. Many employers may require a few years of relevant experience before hiring you for a full-time position. For example, you may work for a few years as a busser or host in a restaurant to gain exposure to the industry.

3. Begin networking

Networking and relationship with people who are in catering can make the job search process easier and faster. For example, you could ask current customers if they know of any potential employers who are looking for catering assistants or other positions related to the customer service industry. Networking can also help you find mentors who can assist in your skill development.


4. Develop a resume and cover letter

Now, you can develop a resume and cover letter that highlights your skills and experience. You can do this by using your experience working in the food service industry and educational training. Many catering assistant positions typically require only a few years of experience.

5. Attend interviews and prepare for common interview questions

Finally, you want to attend interviews and prepare for common interview questions. You can do this by studying the job description or advertisement and researching common interview questions for catering professionals. You can also practice answering typical interview questions to help you give more clear, comprehensive answers during the interview. Your answers can focus on how you resolved the problem and how you handled it positively to progress your career as a catering assistant.

Catering assistant skills

Here are some skills that catering assistants often possess:

Customer service

Customer service skills help catering assistants serve customers. They’re important for conducting customer surveys, giving out menus, taking orders and accepting payment. Catering assistants may have a pleasant demeanor and answer customer questions thoughtfully and accurately.


Computer skills

Many catering assistants have access to a computer, a tablet or a smartphone at work or while they’re out in the field. They may use this technology to order food and beverages, maintain event cleanliness and complete other job duties related to their position as a catering assistant. They may use point of service (POS) systems as part of their work. Knowing how to use these systems can improve their efficiency and accuracy when at work.

Nutrition knowledge

Catering assistants often use their knowledge of nutrition and food to provide information about the food they’re serving to customers and answer questions. For example, they may know cooking techniques and ingredients for customers with allergies. They may also use this knowledge to create well-balanced meals for customers when planning menus and events.


Organization skills help catering assistants manage their schedules and maintain the structure of the events in which they’re involved. They may help organize plates, silverware and other materials, plan the order of courses and maintain the cleanliness of all working areas. This skill may also involve time management and attention to detail.


Presentation skills help catering assistants create aesthetically pleasing plates and drinks. This may involve using colors, textures and shapes to generate effective food presentations. Many catering companies use the presentation as one way to set their services apart from traditional food service experiences.

Catering assistant salary

The average salary for a catering assistant is $36,269 per year. Many employers may also provide additional benefits, like paid time off and health insurance. Your exact salary may differ depending on your experience, skills and employer.

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