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Guide to Find Your Perfect Fit: 20 Rewarding Hospitality and Tourism Management Jobs! (With Duties)!



Guide to Find Your Perfect Fit: 20 Rewarding Hospitality and Tourism Management Jobs! (With Duties)!

Guide to Find Your Perfect Fit: 20 Rewarding Hospitality and Tourism Management Jobs! (With Duties)!

There are a variety of career opportunities in hospitality and tourism management to consider if you have an interest in a customer service role and you desire flexible working options that may allow you to travel. These roles often involve developing tourism strategies, assisting with marketing initiatives and ensuring customer or guest satisfaction. By reviewing possible career tracks and additional job details for each hospitality role, you can better determine which position best aligns with your interests, salary expectations and current qualifications.

In this article, we explore jobs in hospitality and tourism management and provide 20 examples of these career options, along with their salaries, primary duties and necessary qualifications.

What are jobs in hospitality and tourism management?

Jobs in hospitality and tourism management refer to any positions that involve overseeing the various departments in hotels, cruises, resorts, casinos and other companies in the hospitality industry. Individuals in these jobs may specialize in a specific aspect of tourism management, such as event planning, guest services, food service or information technology. They’re typically responsible for hiring, training and managing lower-level employees in their field.

Hospitality and tourism management jobs

Here are 20 hospitality and tourism management jobs to consider, with details to help you identify the right career for you. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit

1. Cruise agent

Find cruise agent jobs

National average salary: $34,536 per year

Primary duties: Cruise agents work for cruise liners and travel agencies to help guests book cruise vacations that meet their budget and travel interests. They also provide additional services by scheduling transportation for them and booking hotel accommodations on their behalf before and after their cruise vacation.

Working as a cruise agent requires enjoying travel and having a knowledge of cruise vacations and discounts. This position requires a high school diploma, and additional certifications may be necessary.

2. Sports center manager

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National average salary: $37,262 per year

Primary duties: A sports center manager, also called a leisure manager, directs the daily activities at sports complexes and recreational facilities with gyms, pools and activity rooms. They hire and train front office staff, fitness instructors and facility maintenance personnel.

They also strategize ways to market their facilities to the local public and increase memberships or rentals. To become a leisure manager, individuals need a bachelor’s degree in leisure and recreation management, facility management or hospitality.

3. Food truck manager

Find food truck manager jobs

National average salary: $42,605 per year

Primary duties: Food truck managers oversee the daily operations of food trucks at tourist attractions and special event venues, in addition to small towns and large cities. They may be responsible for coordinating work schedules, obtaining food service licenses in different areas and ordering food inventory as needed. Food truck managers need a minimum of a high school diploma, but they can also benefit from previous work experience.

4. Pastry chef

Find pastry chef jobs

National average salary: $42,882 per year

Primary duties: A pastry chef specializes in making an array of pastries and other desserts for bakeries, restaurants and patisseries. They work closely with other kitchen staff and chefs to create dough mixtures, develop new recipes, decorate dessert items and monitor the baking process to ensure a successful finished product. To become a pastry chef, individuals can either earn a high school diploma and develop their skills, or they can attend a pastry arts program and earn an associate degree or bachelor’s degree,

5. Airport manager

Find airport manager jobs

National average salary: $43,151 per year

Primary duties: Airport managers or aviation managers ensure efficient operations at an airport while also ensuring that all airlines at that airport follow FAA guidelines. They hire and train airport personnel and monitor activities relating to security, customer service and customer amenities, including onsite restaurants.

Airport managers usually have a few years of work experience in a role at an airport, along with a bachelor’s degree in airport management and operations or aviation management. A professional certification can also be beneficial.

6. Spa manager

Find spa manager jobs

National average salary: $44,096 per year

Primary duties: Spa managers lead daily operations at spa facilities. Their duties include hiring and training spa employees and maintaining an up-to-date inventory of cosmetic products, sheets, towels, robes and other items for skin treatments. Spa managers may also promote their spa by hiring freelance marketers or organizing advertisements for digital or print platforms.

They also administer advanced treatments like facials and massages to customers. The education requirements include earning an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in hospitality or business management. Prospective spa managers also need a few years of work experience at a spa business.

7. Hotel assistant general manager

Find hotel assistant general manager jobs

National average salary: $44,852 per year

Primary duties: A hotel assistant general manager supports the job duties of the hotel’s general manager. They help the general manager interview job candidates, make hiring decisions and coordinate training efforts for staff. Hotel assistant general managers may also cover shifts for general managers and act as the temporary general manager when the manager is sick or on vacation.

To become a hotel assistant general manager, individuals need a high school diploma and a few years of experience working at hotels. They may also benefit from earning an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism.

8. Tour manager

Find tour manager jobs

National average salary: $45,281 per year

Primary duties: Tour managers oversee tour bookers, tour guides, tour bus drivers and marketing staff for a tour company. They schedule work shifts for tour guides, develop marketing strategies to increase tour bookings and read tourist reviews to determine how they can improve their overall experience.

They may also accompany clients when they travel and attend to their needs. Individuals can become tour managers by earning a high school diploma and working for a tour company for a few years. They can also earn a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in an area like hospitality and tourism management.

9. Cafe manager

Find cafe manager jobs

National average salary: $46,258 per year

Primary duties: Cafe managers oversee the daily operations of cafes in shopping centers, hotels and other areas. They hire and train cafe staff, make adjustments to coffee and bakery selections, handle complex customer questions and ensure the cleanliness of their facilities.

Cafe managers also create work schedules to ensure they always have enough staff during peak business hours. To become a cafe manager, individuals need a minimum of a high school diploma, along with previous experience working in a cafe as a barista or supervisor.

10. Activity manager

Find activity manager jobs

National average salary: $46,292 per year

Primary duties: An activity manager works for hotels and resorts, travel companies and cruise liners to oversee guest activities and ensure guests have a pleasant experience. This may include planning guests’ itineraries, offering guests tours of the local area and developing fun activities for them to do within their facilities. Activity managers typically have bachelor’s degrees in an area like hospitality and tourism, event planning or recreation.

11. Hotel sales coordinator

Find hotel sales coordinator jobs

National average salary: $53,079 per year

Primary duties: Hotel sales coordinators work for hotels and help create and manage their marketing and customer service strategies. They also work with a team of sales coordinators and hotel managers to research ways to increase bookings and retain customers.

They may design special offers, create branding and promotional strategies and follow up with guests after they check out. To become a hotel sales coordinator, individuals need a bachelor’s degree in sales, marketing or hospitality and tourism.

12. Resort manager

Find resort manager jobs

National average salary: $53,532 per year

Primary duties: Resort managers oversee the daily activities at resort facilities. They typically monitor the resort’s housekeeping activities, finances and marketing materials. They manage different departments to assist with general maintenance and ensure a high guest satisfaction rate. To become a resort manager, individuals need previous experience working in the resort industry, along with either a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in hotel management or hospitality and tourism.

13. Travel agent

Find travel agent jobs 

National average salary: $54,821 per year

Primary duties: Travel agents work for travel agencies or as self-employed individuals to help clients book transport and hotel accommodations. Their duties may also involve creating a trip itinerary for their clients and helping them reschedule canceled flights or transfer accommodations.  Prospective travel agents need at least a high school diploma and an interest in travel.

They may also benefit from earning an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in an area like hospitality and tourism management or applying for a professional travel agent certification. Travel agents often start as employees and then become managers as their careers progress.

14. Catering manager

Find catering manager jobs

National average salary: $56,324 per year

Primary duties: Catering managers oversee a team of kitchen and server staff for a catering company or event venue. They hire and train catering staff and work with one or more chefs to create an effective catering menu.

They also design schedules for staff members, depending on the time required to set up and prepare food before an event. To become a catering manager, individuals can benefit from earning either an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in an area like hospitality or food service.

15. Entertainment manager

Find entertainment manager jobs

National average salary: $56,743 per year

Primary duties: An entertainment manager collaborates with resorts, cruise lines, hotels and other accommodations to book singers, musicians, dance groups, comedians and other entertainers to perform for guests. Their duties include holding auditions for potential talent, scheduling bookings and negotiating with clients to determine price points.

They oversee many aspects of events, including their production and financing. To become an entertainment manager, individuals can attend a four-year bachelor’s degree program in an area like hospitality, tourism management, event planning or events and entertainment.

16. Guest services manager

Find guest services manager jobs

National average salary: $59,031 per year

Primary duties: Guest service managers assist hotel guests with their needs from the time they check in to the time they check out. They provide guests with room keys, organize baggage assistants and delegate tasks to other staff like housekeepers, front desk employees or room service personnel.

They’re also responsible for hiring and training the guest services staff. This position typically requires a minimum of a high school diploma and a few years of experience working in a guest services position.

17. Director of housekeeping

Find director of housekeeping jobs

National average salary: $59,704 per year

Primary duties: A director of housekeeping works for a hotel, cruise line or resort and manages its housekeeping staff. They maintain clean facilities for all guests by hiring and training housekeeping staff and monitoring inventory, including cleaning supplies, towels, bedsheets and guest amenities. Directors of housekeeping can benefit from earning a bachelor’s degree in an area like hospitality management and gaining several years of experience in the cleaning service industry.

18. Park manager

Find park manager jobs

National average salary: $60,709 per year

Primary duties: Park managers work at public parks and amusement parks and help develop marketing and promotional strategies to increase visitors. They may work with facilities managers to ensure that the park remains clean and well-maintained.

They also manage the park’s budget, train managers in individual departments and develop inclement weather or emergency policies. Prospective park managers need a bachelor’s degree in an area like leisure and recreation, management or landscape design.

19. Food service director

Find food service director jobs

National average salary: $61,543 per year

Primary duties: A food service director works for hotels, cruises and other accommodations to oversee food service operations for guests. Their job duties include developing a budget for food inventory and supplies, relaying information to food and beverage managers and kitchen staff, approving menu and drink ideas and ensuring the quality of the food and dining operations.

Directors at large hotels or other organizations may also oversee the room service and catering from multiple restaurants. To become a food service director, a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in hospitality management, food service management or culinary arts is necessary.

20. Travel consultant

Find travel consultant jobs

National average salary: $75,450 per year

Primary duties: Travel consultants assist individuals, educational institutions and corporations with their travel needs. They meet with clients to discuss their travel options to a destination and determine whether they need a passport, vaccinations or weather-appropriate attire.

They also help them find discounted hotels and airlines and arrange accommodations for clients with medical conditions and special needs. A high school diploma and a voluntary certification are typically necessary to become a travel consultant. An associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in tourism, international studies or hospitality can also be beneficial.

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