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Bath With R5 In The Water Then Give It To Kids,’Gogo Skhotheni’



Gogo Skhotheni

Flamboyant felebrity sangoma Patricia Motsoeneng has since made a spelling cast yesterday,informing her half-a-million social media fanbase to have R5 ‘coin’ inside the water while bathing,and gift such coin to children on the streets.


‘ Thatha i R5 put inside your water when you bath say whatever you want 

As the 28-year old self-proclaimed trending ‘Gogo’ Skhotheni was later contacted by this magazine to find out what could be the results of the magic spell she was telling her super-online followers to do,also to find out about the death she previously alleged to have escaped from bare-hands-blood-thirsty-killers who broke into her Mpumalanga abode,there was no response offered.

‘ Then give it to any kid to buy anything for themselves. NOT YOUR KID 

The self-proclaimed popular traditional healer also controversially produces and sells soaps that are purported to bring lucks in love relationships.

Never in my life did I think I would witness sangomas (traditional doctors/healers) beefing. But hey, this is South Africa, anything is possible.

The most common beefs are among musicians, and my favourite is the maskandi beef, where artists name and shame and drag among each other through music.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing many videos about Gogo Maweni and Gogo Skhotheni.

It is reported that the feud between the celebrity sangoma’s started when Skhotheni, real name Tumi Motsoeni Shange, claimed that Maweni, real name Lee Anne Makopo was copying her and her soap.

The soap in question is not the regular one that we use to bath with everyday. The soap they’re fighting about is the one that brings luck, apparently.

Anyway, Maweni didn’t take the claims lightly and took to social media, cursing at Skhotheni.

“You want to talk s*** that I copied your soap, who are you? F*** you and your soap,” she said.

In a Live video joined by a young guy believed to be her assistant or thwasa (an initiating sangoma), Maweni said Skhotheni used to fight with Glam Dlozi before she became popular.

“She had copied Glam Dlozi’s soap, today I copied her soap.

“And then I bewitched her because she’s a millionaire. Where are the millions, boo,” asked Maweni.

Maweni also boasted about owning properties instead of renting (apparently Skhotheni is renting).

Since then, there have been several videos of them bickering on social media. And then, Skhotheni went quiet until recently, when she decided to address Maweni once and for all.

“I’ve been quiet for too long. Everywhere you go, you flip and talk about me. Bullsh*t, I’m not afraid of you, Maweni.

“You’re claiming to be a doctor, where did you graduate? We also have the certificates for ubungoma. Go to school if you want to be a real doctor and stop being forward,” said Skhotheni.

She continued to call Maweni a drunkard and said she feels sorry her clients. Since Maweni once claimed to be a powerful witch, Skhotheni dared her to bewitch her to prove that she’s a real deal.

The reality TV star said she wants nothing to do with Maweni, that’s why she even declined a certain TV show when she heard she was also going to be part of it.

“I’m not a drunkard like you, I drink water. I will face you sober. I gave you my address to come and face me,” added Skhotheni.

The sangoma also bragged about her beauty since she did the Live video in the morning before taking a shower, using zero filters. Meanwhile, Maweni always uses filters on her Live videos.

“Filter, make-up and money can’t even save you. Go buy a face and a body since you have money,” said Skhotheni.

In response to the video, Maweni posted a screenshot of a conversation between herself and Skhotheni.

The message dates back to January 16 when Skhotheni had sent her home address, to which Maweni replied: “Tumi, not that you deserve any right of reply from me, I put this to bed the day I blocked you everywhere and deleted your number.

“I honestly feel this could have been sorted out in an amicable manner, but you chose to lie about me to people I befriended.”

She also told Skhotheni she won’t come to her rented space.


Social media users are not pleased with their beef because one cannot tell who is the most powerful sangoma between the two when all they do is talk.

People want action, they want them to beef the Harry Porter way and send spells to each other.



Gogo Skhotheni

Gogo Skhotheni

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