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Follow Your Dreams: 18 Rewarding Opportunities for Video Gamers



Follow Your Dreams: 18 Rewarding Opportunities for Video Gamers

Follow Your Dreams: 18 Rewarding Opportunities for Video Gamers!

Video games help players develop unique skills, from hand-eye coordination to story writing. Gamers can apply these skills in many different careers. When you understand the types of careers suitable for your skills as a gamer, you can find a career you enjoy and can perform well in. In this article, we discuss a variety of jobs that are great for video gamers.

What are good jobs for video gamers?

Knowing what types of jobs are available for people who love games can help you find a career that you love. Here are some careers you should consider, with the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed Salaries being linked to to the salary by each job title below:

1. Teacher

National average salary: $23,717 per year

Primary duties: Teachers are responsible for providing educational instruction online and in classrooms. They prepare the classroom for instruction, develop learning materials, evaluate student performance, grade class work and give lectures and lessons. Teaching jobs are great for gamers because they require critical thinking and analytical skills gamers use regularly. Gamers can also help students who learn from hands-on methods of instruction by introducing creative teaching tactics.

2. Journalist

National average salary: $35,495 per year

Primary duties: Journalists research stories, understand ethical and unbiased reporting methods, attend local events, maintain editorial contacts and write articles. Some journalists can specialize in writing about video games and other entertainment media, which would provide gamers an advantage since they likely have in-depth knowledge of industry leaders, trends and issues. Gamers also bring an enthusiastic and informed perspective to reviews and announcements of new games and gaming technology.

3. Illustrator

National average salary: $41,887 per year

Primary duties: Illustrators sketch characters, create new environments and draw pictures for books. These artists may create storyboards for video games or illustrations for children’s books. Illustrators work in art studios and from home. Gamers make great illustrators because they have been exposed to many different art styles in games. They may also better understand how to use color and art to create images that support stories.

4. Airline pilot

National average salary: $43,716 per year

Primary duties: Airline pilots transport people and cargo from one airport to another via airplanes. Pilots must have strong hand-eye coordination skills to operate planes and estimate distances. Gamers spend a lot of time developing hand-eye coordination, which can make them good pilots. Pilots also coordinate with co-pilots and air traffic controllers, which can come naturally to gamers who frequently play team-based games. Also, pilots may need to make effective decisions under pressure, which is actually a skill that gamers learn, sometimes even in simulated pilot scenarios.

5. Technical support specialist

National average salary: $44,182 per year

Primary duties: Technical support specialists are responsible for helping people solve problems related to technology like computers, software, mobile apps, video games and others. Understanding games can be helpful for navigating various technical issues and communicating with others via phone, chat or email. Gamers frequently communicate with each other to solve problems when they play team-based games, so they develop clear communication skills that help them fill technical support roles. Also, being a gamer means troubleshooting technology or even developing coding skills to improve your gaming experience.

6. Automotive service technician

National average salary: $47,180 per year

Primary duties: Auto technicians inspect, repair and maintain vehicles as well as diagnose and fix problems with vehicles. Auto technicians must have good hand-eye coordination and strong dexterity, skills gamers develop as they play. Gamers with experience solving puzzles benefit from these skills in diagnosing problems with vehicles.

7. Carpenter

National average salary: $53,290 per year

Primary duties: Carpenters complete many construction and repair tasks like installing drywall, repairing kitchen cabinets, constructing doorframes and ensuring their handiwork is safe. Gamers with dexterity and hand-eye coordination skills can find success in this career, as carpenters and gamers both use tools to manipulate objects and solve problems by sight.

8. Criminal investigator

National average salary: $54,232 per year

Primary duties: Criminal investigators analyze crime scenes, obtain warrants, respond to emergencies, write case reports and interview witnesses. They also keep detailed records and use analytical skills to assess high-stress situations. Like criminal investigators, gamers build strong critical thinking skills and work quickly in high-pressure situations.

9. Game developer

National average salary: $55,655 per year

Primary duties: Game developers, or game designers, are responsible for planning, designing and producing video games for consoles, computers and phones. They tend to focus on the visual components of games and write code to make functional gameplay. Gamers often have experience coding, creating mods for games on their own and understanding the needs of players as preparation for this career.

10. Writer

National average salary: $59,601 per year

Primary duties: Writers create stories for games, scripts for movies, books, blogs and web content. Video game players write game reviews, tutorials and technical guides about games and consoles. Gamers frequently experience interactive storytelling, which can help them write compelling stories of their own.

11. Marketer

National average salary: $60,539 per year

Primary duties: Marketers create trailers, articles, forum posts, videos and other content to advertise products and services online. Games frequently use viral advertisements, but other products also rely on marketers building excitement online. Gamers understand the types of marketing that attract them to games and other media, so they can apply their own experiences to viral advertisements.

12. Audio engineer

National average salary: $75,405 per year

Primary duties: Audio engineers make sound effects for videos, games, radio shows and other forms of entertainment. They also minimize unwanted noises and sound in the background, regulate sound quality and provide quality control for clients. Gamers often immerse themselves in their gameplay, so they may better understand what makes a positive audio experience.

13. Voice-over artist

National average salary: $5,703 per month

Primary duties: Voice-over artists, also known as voice actors, are responsible for voicing animated characters. They read a script or improvise while acting. Voice actors appear in cartoons, movies, television shows and video games. They may work in studios or from a home studio. Gamers can make great voice actors because they have had a lot of exposure to voice acting and understand how it moves the story forward.

14. 3D animator

National average salary: $81,435 per year

Primary duties: 3D animators use technology to create digital models and images. They animate figures, allowing them to move and talk on screen. Animators use real-life physics to create lifelike simulations. Gamers play with 3D animations often, so they can understand what makes animation compelling and effective.

15. Quality assurance engineer

National average salary: $81,592 per year

Primary duties: Quality assurance engineers examine products and services to ensure that they meet quality standards. Quality assurance professionals must be detail-oriented and responsible with strong problem-resolution skills. Gamers may provide quality assurance work for video games by playing games and looking for bugs that affect the user’s experience.

16. Concept artist

National average salary: $82,009 per year

Primary duties: Concept artists design, draw and illustrate concepts for use in video games, movies and television. They may illustrate or design concepts for monsters, weapons, animals and environments. Video gamers can make great concept artists because they have experience learning about new gameplay objects, including weapons and locations.

17. Management analyst

National average salary: $88,257 per year

Primary duties: Analysts review data, organize information and develop strategies for solving problems. This job involves strong critical thinking and communication skills. Gamers are great candidates because they have analytical skills and frequently communicate with other players to build strong teams.

18. App developer

National average salary: $90,230 per year

Primary duties: App developers create apps for smartphones and other mobile devices. Developers understand the client’s requirements and needs, work with other professionals to complete projects by deadlines and write high-quality code. Gamers make good app developers because they understand what makes a good user experience and might have coded their own mods for gameplay in the past.



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