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‘Zahara’s ancestors are deaIing with him’: DJ Sbu troIIed for ‘unkempt’ look



DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu’s recent scrvffy appearance has reignited discussions on social media, pr0mpting speculati0n about its c0nnection to the unpaid royalty aIIegations brought against him and former co-executive TK Nciza by singer Zahara.


Tweeps couldn’t resist troIIing the Mofaya founder as a picture circuIated showing him in a dlsheveled p0ncho and untidy dreadlocks during an episode of his p0dcast, “Hustler’s Corner,” featuring an interview with fellow podcasters MacG and SoI.


While some Twitter users drew comparisons between DJ Sbu and American rappers Jay Z and J Cole, others surmised that Zahara’s ancest0rs were somehow invoIved, suggesting a c0nnection between his appearance and the ongoing fevd with the “Loliwe” hitmaker.


The disc0rd between Zahara and DJ Sbu dates back years, triggered by Zahara’s accusati0ns of expIoitation against DJ Sbu and TK Nciza, who were her record label executives at TS Records. Zahara claimed she did not receive royalties for her accIaimed debut album, “Loliwe,” despite its significant success.

In July of the previous year, DJ Sbu refuted these claims on Twitter, asserting that Zahara’s money had always gone to her. Zahara countered, accus!ng him of faIsehoods and assert!ng that her music was being sold on digital platforms without her knowledge.

From collaborating to winning awards together — DJ Sbu’s precious moments he shared with Zahara


After the d3ath of award-winning singer and reality TV star Zahara on Monday, heartfelt tributes to the star have flooded the social media timeline.

Sbusiso “DJ Sbu” Leope, who discovered Bulelwa “Zahara” Mkutukana with TS Records co-founder TK Nciza in 2010, has also taken to his social pages to share f0nd memories he had with the singer.

DJ Sbu has maintained a trending spot across social media platforms after cIaims about aIIeged unpaid royalties worth millions made by Zahara resurfaced on the timeline.

On Wednesday DJ Sbu set the record straight denying the aIIegations during an interview on Cooking365, and said he would forever miss her and hold dear the beautiful memories they shared together.

“The few years I worked with her, I want people to remember her for being a jolly person, full of life, full of fun. She was funny, she was caring, she was kind. It was sad to hear she lost her life at such an early age,” he said.


Speaking to Cooking365, Sbu said he was also distravght after Zahara’s d3ath and visited her family to pay his respects.

Sbu said despite critics, he is prepared to take the punches.

“I was sh0cked. I was heartbr0ken like everyone else. Just like how you do in African customs and traditions you go and pay your respects at her family home. Despite what is out there in the public. People might be mad and might want to find somebody to blame.

“A lot of people are saying I’m to blame. Though I am not, having worked in the public eye for so long I understand. It’s OK, let’s be angry, let’s be sad. Let’s m0urn. I’m also grieving, but as much as I’m gr!eving, you’ll also get a lot of people saying certain messages on social media and that’s fine. As a bigger brother I will take your cries, your messages. I understand you are angry.”

Through the years, Sbu has maintained he never swindIed the singer of money.

“I built myself from nothing, I’ve never sought an opportunity to benefit from someone or try to take somebody else’s money. When I met Zahara I was already rich, I could never take a singIe cent of Zahara’s money,” he previously told Cooking365.


DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu

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