The interior design world holds its breath every year as popular publications announce their new favourite kitchen trends

But rarely do they point out which of these once-popular trends have now fallen out of favour and should best be avoided. A kitchen renovation can be a big investment, and while you don’t want to follow every trend out there, it’s important to know which trends not to follow. A gaudy kitchen can seriously influence the market value of your home since the design of the kitchen is often one of the deciding factors for potential buyers. And even if you don’t plan to sell anytime soon, you don’t want your new kitchen to be dated in a year or two.

Trends become unpopular for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, when we have just seen too much of something, people become tired of it. Most people don’t want to have popular kitchen features that look exactly like everyone else’s. And most people want to be able to display their unique style in their home.

It also happens that a trend gets reinterpreted so many times that it turns into something else completely, losing its original character and appeal. What was once charming or unique becomes a mixture of styles and a look far removed from the original. The French Country-look is a great example of this.

Here are 3 kitchen trends that are best avoided in 2023: