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5 Tips for the perfect Braai this spring



Spring is finally here. And while the skies are slowly clearing and temperatures rise, it’s time to dust off your braai equipment. But how can you spruce up your skills around the fire while hosting a memorable day with friends and family? We explore five tips for preparing the perfect braai and showcasing your braai master skills this spring.

Tips for hosting the best braai

Before you light up the coals, here are a few tips on braai tools, the vibe, and something a little extra to wow your friends and family.

  • Check on the equipment 

Any great braai master knows how important it is to have good braai equipment. Always make sure your tools, including tongs, skewers and grill are ready, well maintained, and clean for the braai. The last thing you want is to struggle to prepare the meat with old or dirty tools. You will never hear the end of it from your guests!

  • Serve snacks well before the main course 

A great braai takes time. To avoid your guests going hungry, it’s a good idea to serve a few snacks upon arrival. Some favorite light braai snacks include nuts and raisins, chips and dip and pretzels. If you want to go all out, you can also prepare some entrées on the braai. Think crumbed mushrooms, vegetable skewers, mini hamburgers, or steak strips.

  • Create a menu 

If you want to make an impression, create a full menu before your braai. Find out what your guests’ dietary requirements are and take some time to put together a lunch or dinner that everyone will enjoy. Add some variety by including different types of meat and interesting salads, including cold and warm dishes.

  • Stock up the bar

What’s a braai without a few cold ones? Make sure you know what your guests’ preferred drinks are and stock up your fridge or bar well in advance. Remember, a braai doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg; so browse the latest Shoprite Liquor specials from their latest catalogue to find deals on all South Africa’s favorite alcoholic beverages.

  • Create an atmosphere 

To make your braai extra special for all your guests, create a relaxing atmosphere. Play some music in the background or have boardgames or a pack of cards ready. You can also add a theme to your day or even put up a karaoke station if your guests are up to some extra-fun entertainment.

Remember to choose the date and time wisely

Choose a time and day that work for all your guests. Weekends are usually the best choice. Start the day early to make sure that everyone eats at a good time and don’t get home too late.

For most South Africans, braaiing is just like second nature. But hosting, on the other hand, is something that everyone can improve on. Follow our tips and check how your braai goes smoothly while everyone has a memorable time – even you!

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