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5 common drinks that makes you gain fat



From rigorous exercise to walking miles to changing the diet, the eagerness to lose weight can make you move mountains, but do you ever focus on what you have been sipping?

Well, most of the diet plans revolve around the foods we eat, but what about the empty calories that come from the drinks we pair with meals.

Here are some common drinks that are secretly adding on to your calories and spoiling your weight loss plans.

1. Coffee
This may be a bitter dose for coffee aficionados to digest that their favourite drink is the reason why they are unable to lose weight! Caffeine if taken in the right way can work as a catalyst to lose weight. But mixing coffee with sugar, cream, excessive milk, and whipped cream can simply reduce its efficacy and add on to the calorie count. In fact, experts suggest switching to black coffee and accentuate it with some spices that help in better weight management.

2. Premixed Tea
Premixed drinks may be the most convenient option, when it comes to losing weight, but what if we tell you that your favourite premixed tea is nothing, but a dose of empty calories mixed with sugar, flavours, additives with a little hint of tea. Experts suggest that this will only give your diet a boost of empty calories and sugar and it is best to make fresh tea or opt for herbal tea variants that are healthy and comforting.

3. ​Carbonated drinks
Cold drinks, soda based energy drinks may satiate your thirst with their enticing taste and fizzy punch, but experts believe that these drinks are just loaded with heaps of sugar and empty calories that instantly provide a dose of energy. This surge of energy gradually fades out leaving you dehydrated and increases the risk of blood sugar, cardiac issues, and high blood pressure.

4. ​Alcoholic drinks
Pairing meals with wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks can add on to the calorie count and ruin your weight loss plans. As per a report by CDC (Centre for Disease Control and prevention) published in a digital daily, it was found that American adults consume an average of nearly 100 calories per day from alcoholic beverages. In fact, sipping on alcoholic drinks with dinner can further add on to the calorie count and increase the risk of metabolic and cardiac disorders.

5. Fruit juices
Fruit juices are one of the most misleading drinks that are labeled ‘healthy’. This is because they are packed with additives, sugar and preservatives to provide that good taste, which may spoil your diet plans by adding on to the calorie count. Moreover, experts suggest that it is better to opt for fresh juice instead of going for a packaged juice as the sugar can not only lead to weight gain, but can also increase the risk of health issues.

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