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4 tricks that can help you keep fruits fresh for a longer period



When we talk about eating healthy food then, fruits come at the top as they are rich in natural sugar, dietary fibre, vitamins & minerals, which are necessary to sustain the day.

They are the most natural snacks to gain instant energy. But, it’s a sad reality that fruits rot so quickly.
It leaves with us fewer options to choose from when it comes to healthy snacks.

But, how about some easy tricks that can help you save some of those fruits for a longer duration so that your grocery visits are limited and can help save some bucks as well?

Read on to know more.

1. Count the fruits

According to experts, the recommended daily allowance of fruit is two pieces as they get spoiled so easily. So, always make sure that while shopping for fruits, be practical and count the fruits you are getting. This way, your life will become easier than you can imagine and you would not have to worry about throwing those fruits.

2. The power of rinsing
Do you know, many people have this habit of buying fruits in large quantities, washing them first and then stored in the fridge? If not dried before storing, the moisture can cause those fruits to get mouldy more quickly. Thus, make sure that even if you get them in large batches, store them as it is or dries them well using a kitchen towel before storing them. Only rinse, when you are about to consume them!

3. Wrapping in a paper towel
This trick can help you with a lot of fruits. Mostly, we store fruits like apples and pears as it is in the fruit drawer. But do you know, when you wrap each of them in a paper towel and carefully place them in the fruit drawer, you will save a lot? This is the same technique that the vendors outside do to keep those fruits fresh for a longer duration.

4. Use vinegar solution
This is probably one of the easiest solutions you can make at home to save your fruits. All you need to do is, close the drain pipe of the sink and add all your washable fruits to this sink. Now, fill the sink with enough water so that all the fruits are immersed in it. Next, add a cup of white vinegar in it along with a little salt, and stir lightly.

This will not only clean the wax or any kind of dirt present on the fruits but help kill all the small insects that the naked eye cannot see. When you soak the fruits in this solution for about 8-10 minutes, it will even help prevent those molds from developing on the fruits.

When the soaking period is done, make sure that you rinse the fruits well and dry them all with a paper/kitchen towel. And you are all set to save some of your fruits for a longer duration than you can even imagine.

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