Non-alcoholic Sunset Cocktail Recipe

Non-alcoholic Sunset Cocktail
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This non-alcoholic, pomegranate flavoured cocktail can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Recipe Ingredients


    There is no strict proportion of ingredients for this type of cocktail; we used approximately one-third of each of the three juices.

    Step 1

    Pour the lime cordial into ice-cube trays and freeze.

    Step 2

    Spoon crushed ice into each glass (optional).

    Step 3

    To mix the cocktail, vigorously combine a handful of lime cubes with orange juice in a shaker. Pour into each glass.

    Step 4

    Slowly pour on some pomegranate juice, onto the back of a spoon held just above the orange juice layer.

    Step 5

    Do the same with the pink lemonade or apple juice, to fill the glass.

    Step 6

    Pour a few drops of Grenadine syrup on top and allow it to slowly sink through the other juices and create a 3-tone sunset effect.

    Step 7

    Serve immediately with a stirrer and/or straw.


    Have all the ingredients, glasses and utensils ready in front of you before starting, for smooth preparation and perfect results. Don't deviate from this order of adding ingredients, or the effect of the colours will be lost. Do not mix before serving. Do not expect the lime cordial to freeze hard and pop out of the mould as water would.

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